Who’s Frazier?

World War II Germany. Lothar Heilbrun used an alias to escape a Nazi occupied Berlin. Frazier was the safety net he chose. From there he went to England, eventually reaching the US after the war where he became a beloved businessman, father, and grandfather. It was then he reverted back to his original name, Heilbrun. In need of an alias for my studio, I thought why not use a name that has already provided both opportunity and security to my family. And so, Studio Frazier was born.

bits + bobs

My name is Laura Heilbrun and I am a Graphic Designer. Creative Producer. Brand Strategist. Copywriter. Photographer. 

More than anything I work to help individuals, brands, and organisations discover their true strengths. Realise and build their unique voice. Align brand with mission, making sure they understand their potential. Then, when the time is right, I launch their story and vision into the world. 

Ideas lead.
Quality matters. 

Human is central.