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Do Breakthrough

On April 19th 2018 we launched Breakthrough, a 3-Day Seminar on The Do Farm in West Wales. After a successful beta-workshop in London the previous Autumn we knew we needed to do hold the workshop again, and we also knew that one day was simply not long enough to dive into the depth of content we'd accumulated.

Over the last ten years of The Do Lectures, we've listened to hundreds of speakers, and applied the learnings to our own lives and businesses. This as well as external research on habits, emotional fitness, financial fitness, and physical fitness showed us that there were techniques, methodologies, and ways of thinking that could make a genuine difference. And help others to make their own breakthroughs.

I along with the team designed the collateral, researched material, and wrote various content for this workshop and seminar.

Breakthrough will continue to be a yearly 3-day seminar held at the Do farm each Spring with satellite one-day workshops in different locations across the globe.