Canvas is an all-inclusive travel tours company based in North America that I created for my senior project. With three different types of tours to choose from (adventure, leisure, service), Canvas aims to add splashes of color to this often black & white world. All too often places are only heard of, read about, or seen on glass screens. 'Color your world' is the motto, and helping people see the world in their own light is the purpose. 

The design scheme for Canvas directly reflects the ideology. Prisms were a huge part of the influence, as prisms are a way to extract an array of color from a single beam of light. The black and white components are complimented with a combination of green, oranges, and purples, representative of adding color to a black and white world, along with signifying the type of tours offered. Canvas had the challenge of adhering to a vast consumer group; with bold exciting colors, and strong patterns, the company wanted to portray the traveler's energy in an original and memorable way.