NOMNOM Chocolate: 11 New Flavours

NOMNOM is known for their  iconic foil wrapped chocolate bars perfectly complimented with a craft paper finish. In the Autumn of 2017 NOMNOM was in need of a new packaging solution to announce their 11 new flavours, a one paper wrap. The challenge was to maintain the iconic NOMNOM feel while giving the bars a bit of a freshening up. To add to this we also wanted to introduce NOMNOM's new primary logo mark. The welsh hat. 

To announce the 11 New Flavours we launched a Last Dance campaign getting rid of all the old products to make room for the new. 

To hint at the new flavours we released 3 videos that we worked on with director and filmmakers James ButtonOscar Garth, and Callum Baker. We were releasing our first ever batch of white chocolate bars ever and wanted to show the variety as well as highlight the different chocolates and the unique and seasonal flavours they would be complimenting. One milk chocolate video, one dark chocolate video, and one white chocolate video.

James, Oscar, and Callum took our ideas to the next level with these Lurpak rivaling clips. They went down a treat, much like the new flavours.